What Women Want Men To Know About Women, Part 2

I believe when Adam saw Eve it was instant love. Out of all of the things, animals and insects he looked upon, he quickly realized that this great creation was for him and him alone! It’s not written how long Adam was alone, but when Eve came on the scene Adam’s world changed forever.

When a man finds “The One” his world changes.

I was speaking to a young man in Chicago recently and he asked me how is it that I only had eyes for my wife when there are so many other women out there?

I explained to him that when you fall in love, no one other woman will be able at that moment to get your attention like the love of your heart does.

This young man was considering temporarily moving back to his hometown, leaving this girlfriend behind. He moved away and after about three weeks of keeping in touch with her, he told me how right I was.

He said that while he was away from her, “no other girl could get my attention regardless how pretty she was, I just kept thinking about my girlfriend, and how much I missed her!” He moved back to Chicago to be with her.  His attraction to her went beyond her looks but he fell in love with her as a woman and a friend.  It is no doubt that he made her feel attractive and every woman wants to feel attractive, period!

He loved her and his heart was only attracted to her. Every woman wants to be loved, she wants to be desired and cherished. She wants to be cared for and she must know that she comes first in her man’s heart.

Remember this “Every woman wants a man who treats her heart as his own and never lets her go to bed with tears in her eyes!” ~ A. Khurana


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